Carpentry Services

Carpentry Services


Carpentry Repairs are not Trivial

As homes get older there are in need of constant repair, remodeling and maintenance  and this can really impact your home budget negatively. Carpentry repairs are quite common in most houses and maybe caused be faulty moldings, shelves, wooden balustrades, cabinets, installing door locks and moving floor boards. In some cases, it becomes an unavoidable expense and they might need full replacement which can be very costly. Its is therefore important  to attend to problems as they occur because they may have ripple negative effect on the overall price of total repairs in the future.

Fix It right away!

Depending on the construction method of your home, carpentry may play an import part in the structural efficiency and rigidity of your home. Core members may be building from wooden element such as stairs, beams, floors and walls and any of theses fail, it could negatively affect the safety, health and cause risk of life of occupants. It is there fore important to fix problems right away. Serve homes ensures that all your carpentry needs are done in a professional, efficient  and cost effective manner. Our carpenters are always available to help you with all your needs.

Basic Tasks

There are basic and reoccurring tasks that most households are in constant need for, such as:


  • Hanging Curtain rods
  • Setting up shelves
  • Installing mouldings
  • installing/repairing closet doors
  • Repairing wooden furniture
  • Fitting hardware such as door knobs and hinges
  • Repairing wooden floor boards
  • Fixing wooded beams or columns

Your small problem will be costly in future, if ignored

We tend to want to attended to plumbing and electrical works before carpentry and this is a wrong decision in most cases.  Unfortunately , a faulty floor board may cause your fall or  if left unattended can cave in and cause to yourself and guests. Maintaining your home is a lot of constant attendance to small issues through out the life of the house and ensuring that they do not cause bigger problems in future. The safety of your family and your peace of mind is priceless, and depends largely on keeping your home in perfect condition.

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